Who is Charlie?

Welcome to the ubiquitous about page! Instead of using this space to try to entertain you with engaging anecdotes about my life or to impress you with accomplishments past and present, I want to tell you a few things about me that you should know if we work together. 

- Caroline & Charlie 2014 - 

First, I have a rather dry sense of humor. This comes from my English family, friends, and upbringing. While old friends really enjoy this, it can sometimes cause some short silences with new friends (did he really mean that? is he joking?) but quickly helps form a solid relationship. Clients are no different.

Second, part of my core nature is perfectionism. I expect the best effort and motivation from the world around me, including myself, co-workers, and even clients. If we work together, let's do something amazing; otherwise, why dont we take the day off and spend it with our loved ones. Make sense? 

Why should you work with Charlie? Well, feedback over time has repeatedly said that I bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm and am a significant asset to the culture of a company, and that the quality of my work is very strong. I love collaborating with others but am also very happy cranking out work independently. Over the years of consulting, I have gained solid leadership and facilitation skills, as well as a broad base of business knowledge, which has benefitted both myself and clients as well. 

Anyhow, enough about me, let's grab a coffee/beer/bite and chat about you!

- Charlie