Over the past 15 years, I have been privileged to have worked with a blend of household names and startups and this was no accident. Both sets of clients have offered a holistic set of experiences that keeps me well rounded when approaching new opportunities. 

I would like to thank each and every client for trusting in my ability to deliver business value. Over time, we have won awards, gained new customers, grown existing customers into brand advocates and seen very healthy financial results in most, if not all cases. 


Charlie was a great colleague and I enjoyed working with him very much. He has a deep passion for user interface design and his work always showed a great attention to detail. Charlie is a trusted and reliable friend and colleague with whom I hope to work with again.

Michael Menard, Program Manager, LivingSocial



Charlie's extensive experience and skills in a range of user-experience design disciplines made him an invaluable asset to our design team. He's incredibly upbeat and has an engaging persona that allows him to easily and effectively build relationships with team members and partners. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him closely during his time at Bank of America.

 Dan Schwartz, SVP, User Experience, Bank of America



Charlie was part of a consultant group hired to perform Blueprint and Assembly work on our company intranet. The project was complex and included a wide range of people on the company side. Diplomacy was much needed as was collaboration and expertise. Charlie delivered on all three, to the success of the project. Charlie knows what he's talking about but is a very willing collaborator. He listens and is able to present his opinions, ideas, guidance and direction in a congenial, easy-to-digest manner. On a project that is as deeply personal to an organization as its intranet, consultants who can become one of the internal team quickly and easily are prized. Charlie managed it -- many on the project had no idea he was "from the outside." Highly recommend

Caroline Siemers, Communications, ActivisionBlizzard


Charlie is a gifted UX expert and site designer, focused on the perspective and experience of the user in all design projects, and insightful and personable in dealing with clients. He has lead projects for me at both OppenheimerFunds and Monster with exceptional results. 

Diane Frankenfield, SVP Marketing, OppenheimerFunds


Charlie's joining LearnZillion brought a much-appreciated new energy and vision to the start-up, and in some ways was the foundation for our "growing up" into a web destination that really mattered to many more people. He has a keen sense of design, the right instincts about where to go next, and he brought joy and humor to our community at the company. We were lucky to have him! 

Alix Guerrier, Co-Founder, LearnZillion


Charlie was an amazing contributor to our complex web and mobile project. It was one of the largest, if not the largest, initiative at the firm and the web/online component was a major part of the overall initiative. From the beginning, Charlie was knowledgeable, pleasant to work with and offered the expertise we needed to remain focused on our objectives and deliver a best in class online user experience. I would certainly tap into Charlie's expertise again and would recommend him to anyone seeking the talent that he offers. 

Philip Parrotta, Head of Brand, Oppenheimer Funds


It’s been a real pleasure to work with Charlie in his 4 years at Optaros and I would happily work with him again. Charlie is very talented, very dedicated to producing a high quality result on-time, and a very good client manager – this is a tough combination to find in this role! All of our clients enjoyed working with Charlie and he handled some of the most difficult ones with great aplomb and success.

 Mavis Chin, SVP, Delivery, Optaros


Charlie constantly challenges coworkers to make the project better, and kept things moving forward even when the path ahead seems unclear. He brings a unique passion to the workplace that is infectious. He was always open to feedback, and willing to take time to provide it with a fresh eye as well. 

Andy Helms, Sr. Visual Designer, LivingSocial


Charlie knew how to design a quality brand. He brought a fresh and updated user experience to each site he worked on (we also both worked at LivingSocial).

Charlie was also excellent at listening and asking questions to arrive at a deeper understanding of what users needed. He did well in helping to lead product and UX discussions to appropriate resolution.

Last, he was a delight to work with. Working with him was a refreshing experience and served us and our users well.

Ian Lotinsky, VP Engineering, LearnZillion

It was an honor working with Charlie. He has a brilliant thought process and his accent makes him sound more wise than Gandalph the Grey in Lord of the Rings. Not sure why I compared his charming British accent and great leadership skills to that of a magical wizard with Level 80 healing powers but it was worth a shot. Cheers.

Byron Black, Art Director, SapientNitro


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