We understand your business has many needs, sometimes competing, that you face on a day-to-day basis, and we are, at the core, problem-solvers. Management wants to launch a new business, marketing wants to better connect with their audiences, your clients are getting curious about your competitors and seem unengaged, and IT is building frustrating, outdated software - and we are here to help.


Design Thinking

In the past few years, we have been applying Design Thinking (DT) to all projects. DT is distinguished from other approaches to building experiences by its emphasis on the upfront empathy and definition stage, which involves building a strong understanding of the relevant people and situation. As such, it doesn’t rely on a “just build it and they will come”/"we can just iterate" approach. This really is a game changer both on- and off-line.


  • Educate teams on the power of DT via presentations
  • Coach teams on how to use DT on projects and build advocacy
  • Provide processes, templates, and oversight to help teams translate this mindset into everyday life

Example projects: presentation on DT // partner w/ team to produce personas + future state scenarios // comparative + competitive analysis

User Experience

We begin by developing an understanding of your audience’s mindset, ambitions, emotions, and context. This is then considered in conjunction with your business goals. The combination leads to products that delight customers and get results.


  • Research: We help clients make informed decisions about how to commit digital resources by discovering opportunities and validating problems. This includes current state assessment of existing internal/external experiences, competitive + comparable analysis, customer interviews, contextual observations, and surveys.
  • Information architecture: Making your content findable and understandable is critical to both user and business goals. We help you organize content at a site-wide and page-specific level so that it is clear, logical, and optimally presented.
  • Interaction design: Your users need to achieve their goals easily and efficiently. We map out how users will flow through your product and identify the most appropriate interface patterns to employ.
  • Usability expertise: In order to develop usable products, it is critical to understand how users perceive and use them. We work with clients to execute usability tests that stress your application and reveal areas for improvement.
  • Responsive Design: This is an essential component of any customer-facing experience. By working with developers, we can build out multiple views to bring your audiences a contextually-driven experience.
  • Visual Design: We offer a wide range of skills in this area, including ideation sketches, storyboards, end-to-end sketches of experiences, mood boards, design concepts directions, identity systems, logos, brand variations, detailed visual designs, style guides, and more.


Example projects: Assess + define current add/edit projects as needed // create a brand new experience // assess and make recommendations to existing software and site experiences (across platforms) // design new features to an existing experience.

Design Leadership

We provide companies with something that they are often missing - design leadership at the senior management level. Within this role, we view design from a company-wide perspective. Financial insights give enormous feedback to how we approach designing any and all experiences. To this end, we ask ourselves many questions. Did marketing campaigns result in increased conversion rates? Did the pitch connect with the prospect? Did the material produced for the conference help create connections? What else is happening at a high level that could benefit from improvement? How can our brand most effectively grow?


  • Research + assess: We review your existing brands and evaluate where you have opportunities to fill in gaps and where you should double-down.
  • Educate: At your senior management meetings, who is discussing the “experiences” you should be offering your different audiences? (internal, prospects, clients, etc…) What types of questions should you be asking, and who owns what? We can finetune approaches and make recommendations on how to deliver memorable connections with new and existing audience groups.
  • Vision: We can help set a vision for where design should go within an organization, including types of full-time or freelance relationships your company should explore to bolster a “Designed” experience.
  • Management: With nearly a decade of team management, we can provide recommendations on how to structure and set up your design talent for success.  


Brands are everywhere, and it is critical to stand out from the crowd. We will work with you to define the core of your idea and then craft a unique experience around it.


  • Brand development - What is your vision? What is your purpose? What is your mission? Which brand archetype are you? Via workshops, we will uncover your greatest strengths and distill them into clear and compelling messaging.
  • Visual Identity - Simple, clear, and clean logos are invaluable. We will research, learn about, and analyze your company, its audiences, and competitive landscape in order to deliver an industry-leading logo and wider visual identity toolkit on- and off-line.


Project highlights: Optoro // BLINQ  -- Note: For these projects, we partner with a top-notch creative director who will walk you through the entire branding experience

Example projects: define and build out new brands // evaluate and evolve existing brands // assess and add to existing brands for scalable use // educate team on how to most effectively use branded material internally and with clients.